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Stafsjo Knife Gate Valve MP-XV-HL/HG/HP/HPT-RKO-D2G-JT-SLS/SLF/SLX/SLH-WB/WB11/WB12/WB14-BV-RKS. TV-Actuators-Accessories
Ebro Valves Ltd. Germany Resillient Seated Butterfly Valves PTFE Valve-High Performance Valves Special Applications - Check Valves Actuator
Intl Goodwin U.K Check Valves - Dual Plate, Check Valves - Wafer BR, Soid Lug BSR - Hub Ended BHR Butt weld end BWR
Dezurik Valves U.S.A Plug Valves - Port Eccentric PV3 - way and 4 - way Plug valves pumps check valves pumps check valves balancing valves
Hobbs Valves Ltd. UK Wafer Lugged through Drilled - Wafer Lugged through Drilled & Threaded wafer Non-lugged-Double Flanged short pattern-Double flanged short Pattern-Double flanged long pattern Double block and breed.
Valves US Air Release Valves - Clean Water Waste Water - Air Vacuum Valves Air combination Valves - Surge Supperssion - Vacuum Breaker Well Services - Vacuum Printing
ACM USA Plastic strip seals - Padlock seals Wire & Metal seals - Tamper Tapes & Labels Adjustable length cable seals Fixed length cable seals - Bolt lock seals Metal strips / Twist seals
Valves Ltd. UK Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valves Triple Offset Metal Seated Valves Actuators and Accessories
Farris Butterfly Valves UK Pressure Relief Valve
Stewart Buchan UK Pressure gauges - Temperature Gauge - Mono Flange & Mono Seals Needle Valves & Manifolds Ball Valves & Manifolds
SS Valves Korea Gate Valves - Globe Valves, Check Valves - Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves - Plug Valves
Lesser Valves Uk Flanged Safety Valves API Series 526 High Performance - API 526 Range
JC Valves UK Globe Valves - Gate Valves / Globe Valves / Check Valves
Bonny Forge USA Gate Valves / Globe Valves / Check Ball Valves
Kitz Valves UK Cast Bronze Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valves and Strainers cast Iron Gate, Gate and Check Valves Cast ductile Iron Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valves and Strainers
Flexpert INDIA Metal Expansion Joint 20mm to 2600mm
Stenfex Germany Rubber Expansion Joint 20mm to 2600mm
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